The Tiger..


Half of the world’s wild tigers live in the forests of India. Despite roaming over vast areas of Asia a century ago, today habitat destruction and poaching are pushing our national animal to the brink. Global wildlife poaching represents the third largest illegal trade in the world after arms and narcotics.

With climate change threatening human societies across the globe and in India, forests such as Kanha, Corbett, Madhumalai and Pench, the home of the tiger are invaluable. They sequester carbon and store water, providing invaluable services to human society. In return,we need to protect them.

The tiger Panthera tigris, is one of the world’s most endagered large cats.Apart from habit destuction , poaching is puhing the tiger to the very edged extinction. The wildemesses that the tiger needs to survivie are under protected and this leaves the coast clear for the nefarious activities of anti- nationals,insurrectionists and extermists to finance their destructive ways.Protecting forests is clearly in our national interest. To save our threatened natural heritage, all that is asked of us is that we provide such ecosystems with water, fertile soils, ecological security and a climate control service that cannot even be expressed in monetary terms. Young Indians know this and that is why their battle cry is:”Together we can and monetary terms.

“The Wild Adventure Safari” is committed to saving the environment for the benefit of future generations.


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